Momo Launches Incubated Dating App ‘Qiao Qiao’

Momo has added a brand new dating app to its portfolio with the launch of Qiao Qiao, a product designed to tackle some of the more superficial aspects of dating.

Users of Qiao Qiao, which translates to ‘Quietly’, start out with their profile pictures blurred to the other people on the service. 

The images will slowly become clearer as in-app conversations progress, so couples can connect first on their personality rather than their looks.

They must fill out at least 60% of their profile information before they’re allowed to start matching.

This includes selecting from a variety of pre-written character tags, which have been split into 18 different categories. They all focus on very specific aspects of a user’s personality, such as being ‘anti-TikTok’ or believing in ‘parallel universes’.

Qiao Qiao is loosely based on a slow dating model and only suggests five potential matches each day. Users are able to use the ‘Discovery’ page to find more like-minded people, however, initiating a maximum of 10 conversations every day.

Momo’s stock price climbed by approximately 30% during June, with analysts attributing the uptick to a delayed reaction to positive Q1 financial results.

The Chinese technology company is still facing a lawsuit on behalf of all investors, due to claims that it continually made false and misleading statements about its policies.

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Dominic Whitlock

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