Most Millennial Singles Have Been ‘Ghosted’ When Dating


Plenty of Fish has just released the results of a new survey, reporting some interesting findings about the dating experiences of millennial singles.

The popular dating site asked 800 participants, aged between 18 and 33 from the United States and Canada about various areas of their romantic realities and dating habits, with a particular focus on the experience of being “ghosted”.

Surprisingly, it found that almost 80% of millennial singles have become a victim to the new trend of ghosting someone, which occurs when a person suddenly cuts off all communication with someone they are dating, without explanation.

Plenty of Fish
Whilst the reasons for such a high figure remain unclear, Plenty of Fish found that singles are not wasting any time in getting back on the dating scene when it occurs, with 15% reporting they schedule multiple dates for one night.

The survey also uncovered some intriguing findings about the motives of young singles when using online dating platforms.

Contrary to the popular belief that young singles use dating services simply to arrange hookups, 75% of those surveyed said use dating apps in order to look for a serious relationship.

Furthermore, almost half of respondents (49%) identified “just looking to hookup” as the biggest misconception about singles under the age of 30.

Plenty of Fish
The rate at which singles in Generation Y use online dating services was also investigated by Plenty of Fish, with the company finding that 50% of millennial singles above the age of 24 have already been dating online for five years or more.

And when asked about where they feel is the best place to meet other singles, 23% of those surveyed answered “online dating sites and apps” – the second most popular answer behind extended social circles (46%).

The majority of participant also confirmed they are currently using more than one dating app, with 23% visiting an online dating site or app three to five times every day.

Participants were then asked further questions about the factors which restrict their online dating success, with many of respondents noting that living with their parents negatively impacts their love life.

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