Most Used Dating App is Tinder, According to Skyn Condom Survey

An annual survey from a leading condom manufacturer has found that Tinder is currently the most used dating app.

Skyn’s ‘Intimacy Survey‘ is released every year to provide an insight into the state of modern sex, love and relationships. However, the 2020 update was also able to indicate how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is impacting the way people interact

According to the Skyn survey, 39% of respondents in the US have used Tinder in the last few months.

The second most popular was Match with 33%, followed by Bumble (19%) in third.

The survey also found that members of Generation Z (48%) are more likely to use Tinder than millenials (36%). This coincides with the dating app’s main target demographic of 18-25 year olds.

However, 66% of the 2,000 participants agreed that dating apps are taking away some of the more personal sides of meeting someone for the first time.

A number of dating services, specifically those with video call features, have seen a rise user activity as general populations all around the world go into lockdown.

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