Mother Of Two Calling For A Change In Law After Son Recognised From Father’s Online Dating Photos


A mother of two is calling for a change in the law, after her son was recognised from his father’s online dating profile picture.

30-year-old Dionne Smith has started a government petition, calling for changes in the laws surrounding the use of images of children on dating profiles.

She is asking parliament to consider banning photographs of children on dating sites and apps.

Smith explains that her 20-month-old son had been “recognised in the street”, after his father had posted a photograph of himself with the child on dating apps.

Smith said: “The father of my two children has used a group picture of himself and them on various dating apps, and since that happened my 20-month-old son has been recognised on the street by people we’ve never met.

“As they’re his children there’s no law which requires him to take the photos down. Social services and police can advise not to share pictures like that but can’t enforce any action.

“On things like Facebook it’s different because you share to your own friends who you accept, but on these profiles, the photos can reach to thousands of people you don’t know.

“Right now, I don’t know how many thousands of people could have seen the pictures of my kids.”

As it stands, there are no laws in place to prevent photographs of children being posted to dating platforms, despite the age limits attached to apps and sites, Smith explains on her petition page.

The mother of two from Tollesbury, England is asking for 10,000 signatures by the 8th August 2017, and so far has just over 100.

If the petition reaches the desired number of signatures, government will have to respond, and if Smith gains 100,000 names the petition will be debated in Parliament.

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