muzmatch and MEND Community Partner Ahead of UK General Election

MEND, a UK not-for-profit encouraging Muslims to get involved with politics and media, has partnered with dating app muzmatch ahead of the 2019 general election.

The organisation runs campaigns to up voter registration, provides commentary on issues affecting the Muslim community, and pushes Muslim participation in voluntary organisations and institutions.

The collaboration comes a short time after muzmatch launched a Brexit-themed advertisement on the London Underground.

The official muzmatch Twitter account wrote: “Our motivations for partnering with MEND were simple. This is an incredible organisation working hard to ensure Muslims in the UK are educated about the voting process and how they can make a difference.”

The app quoted Isobel Ingham-Barrow, Head of Policy at MEND, who said: “A healthy democracy does not require agreement on every issue. 

“Rather, we contribute positive social change through solidarity in issues of mutual agreement and critical discourse on issues in which we differ.”

In July, muzmatch raised $7 million Series A from investors including Y Combinator and Luxor Capital.

Since then, it has ramped up its marketing efforts at home and abroad to reach more of the world’s 400 million single Muslims.

Competitor Harmonica, founded in Egypt, spoke to about some of its localisation measures this week.

Visit the MEND website here.