Muzmatch Introduces Updated and More Diverse Ethnicity Filters

Muzmatch has introduced new ethnicity filters to its platform after calls from users to be more inclusive.

A spokesperson for the faith-based dating app said in a statement: “We believe in increasing representation across the diverse ethnic communities, and what we had at present wasn’t sufficient.”

The UK-based company removed all its colour-focused groups, such as Black/African and White/Caucasian, and instead broadened its culture filters to include more regions by adding choices such as European or West African.

By doubling the number of ethnic groups for users to identify as, Muzmatch now caters to as many minority Muslim groups as possible. It’s believed that more than a quarter of the world’s population follow Islam from every corner of the globe.

In a blog post on its website, Muzmatch said that a significant number of users reached out to say that the old range of ethnicity filters were not diverse enough.

“This feedback increased with the Black Lives Matter movement, and with other minorities wanting to be represented.”

Muzmatch has confirmed that there is more to come to improve diversity, including a further expansion of ethnicity categories, more ethnically diverse advertising, and added steps towards better inclusivity and representation.

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