Muzz Partners with Yoti for Selfie Verification

Muzz, a dating and marriage app for Muslims, has adopted selfie verification technology to help reduce potential catfishing and fake accounts. With just a single selfie, users can be verified as real people. 

When a Muzz user goes through the registration process, they will be asked to take a selfie. Yoti will then use its ‘passive liveness’ technology to detect whether the image is of a real person. It can tell the difference between selfies and printed photos, digital images, videos, or masks.

Users who fail this test will be asked to submit another selfie, making it more difficult for catfishers, and giving more confidence to users looking for authentic connections.

Muzz has also adopted identity verification technology, giving users the option to verify their identity in exchange for having their profile be boosted on the app. 

The app’s existing safety measures include an all-female support team, and technology to detect and remove nude images. To prevent users from having to share their phone numbers, it also allows for users to conduct audio and video calls. 

“Muzz is the world’s largest Muslim marriage app, so we have a responsibility to lead when it comes to safe spaces for Muslim singles. Yoti’s ID verification and MyFace technology give our members peace of mind that their matches are who they say they are”, shared Shahzad Younas, CEO and Founder of Muzz.

“We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Muzz to give Muslim singles greater peace of mind, trust and transparency over who they are connecting with online. Muzz pride themselves on creating the safest dating platform for the Muslim community, so we are proud they have chosen our technology to enhance their existing safety measures”, added Robin Tombs, CEO of Yoti.