Netflix Creates Original Series About a Dating App

Netflix has launched a brand new television series based around a futuristic dating app concept.

‘Love Alarm’ users receive an audible notification every time someone who likes them comes within a 10-metre radius. This causes multiple issues for the singles, as their private feelings are often made public with awkward consequences.

The show’s creators have also developed a version of the app that is currently available on Android devices. 

It can’t be used as a dating app, however, and is instead a place to learn more about the story and its characters, as well as to find information on promotional events that bring fans together.

Director Lee Na-jeong told Cosmopolitan: “We invested a lot of time and effort in creating an app that actually works, collaborating with app development specialists, designers, and sound designers so that the audience can immerse themselves in the story, watching the characters feeling various emotions looking at the screen of the Love Alarm app.”

Love Alarm is Netflix’s first Korean ‘Original Series’, but it is available to watch in multiple languages.

It follows Kim Jojo, a schoolgirl who tries to keep her emotions as private as possible. Complications arise when male model Sun-oh moves to her school and falls in love with her at the same time as his best friend Hye-young.

The popular streaming service released The Perfect Date in April 2019, a movie about a student who creates his own app. The platform allows him to be hired as a plus-one for events, helping him earn extra money for college.

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