New App Maker Tool Launched By Google

App Maker

Google has announced the launch of its new App Maker tool.

Aimed at companies and organisations, Google’s App Maker wants to help businesses create apps that they can use internally.

And it works very simply, offering templates, a drag-and-drop-style system for adding in the necessary features and simple data modelling options, which all aim to help companies build apps quickly and easily.

Google explains: “Whether it’s for process automation and workflow or project management, App Maker empowers your organisation to build a range of apps.

“It has built-in connections to G Suite and the data and apps you use every day like Maps, Contacts and Groups.

“It also offers programmatic access to Google services like the Directory and Prediction APIs, as well as third-party APIs.”

Google added: “App Maker is built on the same trusted infrastructure as G Suite, so you can safely deploy web and mobile-ready apps without worrying about the servers, capacity planning, and monitoring that require internal help from IT.”

To find out more about Google’s App Maker tool please click here.