New Boston Specific Dating App ‘Lola’ Launches

Region-specific dating app, Lola, has launched in Boston in the US. The app, which launched on May 28th, is specifically available to those aged 18+ and initially only within a 75-mile radius of the city. 

The launch follows an extensive press campaign by the app, with Lola’s founders popping up around the city to share details and build anticipation. The app initially launched under a waitlist system that saw users sign up and create an account before being approved to use Lola in a staged roll out. 

Lola will initially be free throughout 2024, with plans to launch premium features as add-ons to subscriptions later down the line. A free version of the app will continue to be available. 

The Lola app’s key differentiator is a calendar system that works to connect people in person, pairing those who are free to go out on the same days and nights. The app allows users to select the dates they are available to meet and will then show them other members looking to go out on those same dates. 

The app adopts a continuous learning approach, inviting users to give their feedback on the dating experience and using it to tailor matches better to their interests in future. Once users have been on five dates, the app will also allow them to see the feedback people have provided for them, encouraging Lola users to reflect on their own dating game. 

According to a Lola representative, the ethos behind the app is “Only talk to people you plan on dating and avoid endless chatting.” 

The app hopes to expand to a larger region outside of Boston in the future. 

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