New CEO Grant Langston Is Modernising eHarmony For Tinder Generation

Grant Langston

eHarmony’s new CEO is looking to modernise the company’s mobile & desktop products, as it seeks to court the Tinder generation.

In a new interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Grant Langston spoke about the need for eHarmony to update its offerings, calling it his “first order of business”.

Langston, who took over from founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren earlier this year, wants to rebuild eHarmony’s apps and desktop experiences, to make it more inline with today’s most popular mobile offerings.

This update will begin with the launch of new messaging capabilities in early December, designed to make communication feel “less like email and more like instant messaging services like Slack”.

eHarmony’s new CEO also spoke about wanting to bring video to the platform.

This is all part of a new strategy to capture the consumers currently using Tinder who are looking for a serious relationship.

As Langston says: “There are people using Tinder today who are not looking for a hookup, that want a serious relationship. That person belongs at eHarmony. It’s our failure that caused them to be on Tinder. They exchanged (our) expertise for (Tinder’s) ease of use.”

Read the interview here.