New Dating App Luvabuzza Launches Worldwide

Luvabuzza is a new dating app that’s just announced its worldwide launch. The platform harnesses Bluetooth Low Energy and GPS technology to help users discover potential matches in their nearby area.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is an innovative enhancement of the GPS technology that many traditional dating apps use. 

BLE features mean the app is continually scanning the surrounding area for potential matches, notifying users of new connections. The tech enables users to discover potential matches in enclosed spaces, such as clubs, hotel lobbies, airports, restaurants, cruise ships, and more.

Users have the option of engaging ‘Stealth Mode’, where their device will still scan the local area for new contacts, but others won’t be able to see them. This allows them to remain anonymous until they find someone of interest.

“We are thrilled to launch Luvabuzza, the first dating app to offer the combined benefits of BLE and GPS technology” said Dieter Hecht, founder of Luvabuzza.

“Our app is designed to elevate the user experience by providing real-time notifications of potential matches, without the need for endless swiping and scrolling. Consider Luvabuzza as your personal, always-on flirt-radar! And it won’t drain your phone’s battery, thanks to BLE”

The platform began a marketing campaign in April 2023, gaining 20,000 followers across its social media channels so far. Luvabuzza now looks to initiate seed financing to further support its growth and development.

Dieter Hecht stated “We believe that Luvabuzza’s innovative technology will transform the way people form relationships and connect. We are excited to lead the way in the next generation of online dating and look forward to connecting people worldwide with our app”.

The platform is now available on iOS and Android devices. You can find out more about Luvabuzza on its website here. 

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