New Feature ‘Dates’ Helps Move Singles Offline has introduced a new feature to help singles pursue their serious connections and move them onto an offline date.

‘Dates’ is a new dedicated space within the app that provides insight into a potential connection’s dating style and preferences.

It can offer a real perspective into what dating in the “new normal” will look like, as singles can list their dating preferences for meeting safely during COVID-19. They can clearly show if they are currently open to meeting person, if they want to wear masks and if they’re comfortable with any physical contact.

There’s also opportunities to cover more general aspects of a date, such as dress code and their favourite first date venues.

Hesam Hosseini, CEO of, said to Dallas Innovates: “Match has had several record months—dating is alive and well. The need for our service is still there, it just looks a little bit different. There’s been a shift to the want for more meaningful connections.”

The feature also allows singles to prioritise matches on how much potential they feel they have, taking a match to the next level and getting to know each other on a more intimate level. conducted a survey of more than 5,000 users to find out more about the value of ‘Dates’.

Of the respondents, 93% said they would like to know if someone they’re talking to is just as interested in them and 72% wished they had a way to signal to a potential match they’re ready to go out. also recently announced #RealTalk, a feature designed that suggested potential conversation topics to help daters skip boring small talk.

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