New Once Service Lists Quality Dating Locations

Once Dating Group has announced the launch of Once Places, a website which displays a selection of possible date venues.

The team has curated an extensive list of hand-picked locations that would be ideal locations for a first date or anniversary celebration. The service has over 400 bars and restaurants in Western Europe, and more than 50 in the UK.

Users filter which city they’re searching for, as well as the ideal time and date, before Once Places compiles a list of suitable ideas. There is also a number of thematic hashtags so users can be specific about what sort of experience they are looking for, whether it’s alternative, casual or classy.

The Places are easy to identify as they all contain a visible frog sticker on the door or front window.

Once founder Jean Meyer said in a statement: “At Once, our goal is to support our users beyond digital, from the crucial first date to the first anniversary. Once Places intends to assert itself as an exclusive label that meets the expectations and desires of all couples.”

The slow dating app conducted a survey of its members, and 69% admitted that they often find it difficult to pick the perfect location for a first date. Furthermore, 83% said that the venue choice can reveal a lot about someone’s personality.

Places is the latest subsidiary of the newly-formed Once Dating Group umbrella, which also includes senior dating platform Once Again and Pickable, a dating app that offers completely anonymous browsing for female singles.

Meyer told GDI in April that he is targeting 1.5 million monthly active users across the whole portfolio.

The next development is expected to be Once Records, a system that will create playlists for users to play before, during and after their dates.

Visit Once Places here