New Owner-Dog Matching Service in Testing

Woof Connection is a new match-making service that seeks to match dogs to a new family.

The trial of the service, which started on the 20th of November, uses a detailed survey to match hopeful owners to four prospective dogs.

The CNY SPCA piloted app allows users to scroll through various dogs, and if they choose to adopt one of their matches the CNY SPCA will waiver the adoption fee.

If you haven’t matched with the dog, it is $50 to adopt instead.

CNY SPCA Humane Educator Dee Schaefer said: “It was almost like eHarmony but for dogs. Many people adopt based on looks: ‘Oh, that’s a cute dog.’ Many people adopt based on a sad story. 

“Every time an animal is returned, it damages them a little bit more. They go to a new home, and if they return in a few weeks, they don’t know what hit them.”

Schaefer said that Woof Connection’s goal is to match a family with a dog whose disposition is compatible with their lifestyle, and that this should reduce the chances of a family returning a dog to the shelter.

The CNY SPCA have already adopted out 11 dogs through the Woof Connection.

A comprehensive survey, which all users have to complete, takes into consideration a number of factors to determine whether they are the correct owner for the dog selected.

The shelter’s staff wrote each dog a detailed profile which outlines their activity levels etc.

Survey questions for prospective owners include:

• Why do you want a dog? Do you want a companion, protector or running buddy?

• Do you live in an apartment or a house?

• Are you a neat freak? Do you mind a little clutter?

• Will someone be home during the day, or does your schedule keep you out for hours at a time?

Woof Connection’s trial period ends December the 31st, but the results so far seem promising.

If you want to find out more, contact Dee Schaefer at

Chloe Gay

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