New Research Finds Grindr is Making Users Unhappy

Time Well Spent has conducted some new research and it has discovered that Grindr topped the list of apps which left users feeling unhappy.

The main objective of the research was to find out which apps left users feeling happy, and which apps left users feeling unhappy.

The research polled 200,000 iPhone users about their app usage and discovered that Grindr users are the unhappiest, with 77% of its users admitting to feeling miserable after using the app.

Mindfulness apps like Calm and Headspace ranked highly with apps which left users feeling happy, along with Google Calendar, MyFitnessPal and Audible.

Time Well Spent has suggested that it doesn’t necessarily mean Grindr users are unhappy with the app, but how much time they spend on it instead.

The organisation explained: “On average, comparing between ‘Happy’ and ‘Unhappy’ amounts of usage of the same apps, their ’unhappy’ amount is 2.4 times the amount of ’happy time.’ “

Those who admitted to the app leaving them unhappy said they spend over an hour everyday on the app.

Recently, Grindr has launched a new set of gender identity options, mainly aimed at its transgender and gender-nonconforming users to use.

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