New Research Reveals Turn-Offs for British Dating App Users

New research by recipe box delivery service, HelloFresh, has revealed new insight into the food-based icks turning off British daters. 

The food service teamed up with unnamed popular dating apps to pit a picky eater against a non-picky eater, testing which would receive the most ‘likes’ on the apps. The data founded that picky eaters are a notable turn-off for dating app users, with just 30% of likes heading their way compared to 68% for food lovers. 

HelloFresh further explored daters’ aversions to picky eaters by niching down into regional data, with Belfast singles found to be the most turned-off by picky eaters in the trial. Just 5% of the total likes generated went to picky eater profiles, compared to 95% for the food lovers. 

London saw picky eaters fare slightly better, receiving 15% of the total likes vs the 85% in favour of a more experimental palette. Interestingly, the research showed Scots were the least averse to picky eaters, with a near-even split between choosy and not-so-choosy eaters in the test. 

Speaking about the research, HelloFresh’s senior recipe development manager, Mimi Morley, said: “Being a picky eater is like turning up to the cinema blindfolded – you don’t know what you’re missing out on!” 

“And sure, people’s taste in food isn’t everything, but according to this research, being deemed a ‘picky eater’ could mean you miss out on that crucial ingredient in the recipe for romance,” she continued.

This isn’t the first foray into online dating for HelloFresh. In 2023, the food service teamed up with Tinder to launch a series of ‘Date Night Delights’ recipes to entice new partners to cosy up in the kitchen.

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