New Site LovePlace Lets You Choose The Perfect Date For You & Your Partner


A new website has launched that wants to help couples & singles find the perfect date night.

Called LovePlace, the London-based startup is a searchable catalogue of original and perhaps undiscovered date locations & ideas.

The inspiration for LovePlace came from founder Nirozen Thavarajah’s own experiences of dating, when he began to run dry on date ideas to impress his long-term girlfriend.

Thavarajah said: “Firstly, I wanted to solve the “date-night” creativity problem for couples. I’ve experienced many highs and lows with my long-term girlfriend because we would only go out once a month so it made things very difficult for us – I just didn’t know where to go for information to find “cool” things to impress her.

“Google results bring up unsuitable touristy places to take dates, whereas we wanted something more personalised.

“Secondly, I realised people preferred a personalised experience for dates, meaning it’s an opportunity to show your partner or date who you really are, your interests and your tastes, so creating LovePlace meant couples can learn more about each other through experiences without having to ask too many awkward questions.”

And so, filmmaker Thavarajah set to work, teaching himself how to code and design before creating the product’s prototype, a landing page and some basic features.

Having built most of it himself, Thavarajah then hired a friend (who is now a partner and co-founder of the site) to add a few finishing touches and the website went live in September 2016.

Since launching, LovePlace has seen some excellent early signs, registering 10,000 sign-ups after the first few weeks and securing partnerships with over 100 merchants, such as Silverstone, Bear Grylls and Dans Le Noir and Uber.


The site works in a simple way – users browse for date ideas using keywords, or by filtering via location and categories such as “active”, “adventure” and “culture”.

If they’re looking for a more personal touch, users can email the team at LovePlace, who will ask a few questions to find out more about them and their interests, before sending over 3-5 date location recommendations per week.

LovePlace also offers a simple application process for businesses looking to boost their products, deals & brand.

Thavarajah explains: “There’s a one-pager businesses fill in on our site and we ask them to upload a picture of the experience, a description and contact details for booking and then we take 24 hours to review to see if they fit our criteria and green light.

“We make money from a commission, which is one of the fairest around and normally starts from 15% and can go up to 40% based on our performance.”

This isn’t the only monetisation plan in place for the site – LovePlace also offers users the chance to purchase and send unique gifts to their loved ones with its Gift feature.

Over the next 12 months, LovePlace hopes to put more of a focus on the London market, and the many date experiences available in the capital.

It is also planning to launch a mobile app version of LovePlace next summer, which will run alongside its first big marketing campaign, as well as raising seed funding.

To find out more about LovePlace please click here.

Emma Woodley

Emma is a reporter at Global Dating Insights. Originally from Surrey, she has studied Communication and Media at Bournemouth University and The University of Central Florida. She enjoys socialising with friends, exploring new places and can often be found with her nose in a book.

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