New Sony Research Discovers Australians Want 3D Technology Dating


New research from Sony Mobile Communications has revealed that Australians are ready to embrace immersive experiences, and are envisioning 3D technology improving their love lives.

The research included a representative sample of 1,300 people, and was conducted in association with Sony Mobile launching its Android 8.0 Oreo which will feature its first 3D Creator software.

The new feature will enable users to scan their head, face, head, foot or any object,  and have it created it as a 3D avatar in less than 60 seconds.

The research was to determine Australian’s attitudes and usages towards immersive technologies, and it discovered that 30% were more excited by 3D, 20% over Augmented Reality and 16% over Wearables.

The research also discovered that 62% of women and 50% of men expect 3D technology to enable better communication for a long distance relationship, hoping to have the ability to 3D video call someone, like a hologram.

It found out that 37% of men are wanting to scan themselves in 3D in hope to find love on online dating sites.

62% of the respondents also admitted to wanting to capture, store and share 3D memories with others.

Dan Woodman, University of Melbourne associate professor said: “Different things can shape a generation, like demography, conflict or culture. But, as we are entering an era where technology is profoundly reshaping our societies, generations are increasingly defined by the technologies that shape their lives, and how they will use that technology to shape their future.”

Similar to this, the world’s first augmented reality dating app, FlirtAR, has just launched globally and is now available for download on Android and iOS.

Also recently, online dating apps moving to video, like Hinge and Match, has been named as one of Fortune’s top tech trends from this year.

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Chloe Gay

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