New Study Claims 50% Of Single People Have Never Asked Someone On A Date Face-To-Face


A new study has discovered that over 50% of single people have never asked someone on a date to their face.

The study was conducted by Grace Say Aloe and based on survey answers of over 1,500 single adults.

It found that many of the age-old relationship touch points are moving online, with the increased prevalence of dating apps and social media.

The research found that three quarters of respondents said they had never asked a stranger out on a date, and 46% had never dumped anyone in person.

Dating expert Nadia Essex said: “Let’s be honest, if you ask single people today most will say they think dating has gotten harder in recent years.

“Some would say internet dating has a part to play. We are becoming a nation of disposable daters where we judge everything based on a picture and chatting for hours online is considered being sociable.

“Technology has definitely helped make dating faster but I’m a big believer that dating and relationships should be a marathon not a sprint.”

In terms of dating apps, 47% said they like the idea of getting to know someone online before actually meeting them, and 43% believed that meeting and chatting on dating apps is less embarrassing than first dates.