New Study Explores Whether People Can Fall In Love Through Text Message

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Interaction through technology has become an integral part of the way people communicate today, as mobile devices become more accessible and user friendly.

This growth in mobile communication has translated into the world of online dating, with more people building meaningful relationships through dating apps and sites, without having to meet up in person.

A new study by Venngage has explored the possibility of falling in love with someone just by exchanging text messages.

The study was inspired by a 1997 psychology test by Arthur Aron, which examined whether intimacy between two strangers can be increased just by asking each other a set of specific personal questions.

Venngage presented 32 participants, aged 21 to 34, with a preliminary questionnaire, asking for their name, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and profession, as well as a number of attitudinal traits, including whether or not they drink or smoke and their levels of spontaneity.

After pairing them up based on shared similar attitudes and values, all participants were sat down in a room and given 45 minutes to chat about particular topics over text message.

The research found that 81% of the couples did exchange contact information at the end of the study, with 47% answering “very likely” when asked about the likelihood that they would contact their partner.

When asked if they found discussing personal topics over text easier than in person 13% said they found the restrictions difficult, with 37% expressing “ambivalence” when it came to conversation through text versus in person.

However, the remaining 50% of participants said they found it easier to discuss personal topics via text.

One week following the study, Venngage found that almost half (48%) of couples had a conversation with their partner, but 78% of participants confirmed they did not intend to see their partner again in the future.

Check out the full infographic below:

Infographic made with the Infographic maker Venngage.

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