New York Times Article Introduces Toffee to American Audience

Toffee has been featured in a New York Times article titled “His Family Had Money. Mine Didn’t”, exploring relationships between people from different social classes.

Author Kate Jackson investigated Toffee’s mantra, “people from similar backgrounds are likely to stick together”, by detailing her past experience dating a boy from Eton College. She explained that he always acted as though he was better than her due to her attending a comprehensive school.

The boy in question ended up marrying another privately educated girl, so Jackson concluded that similar people do tend to stick together.

When Toffee first launched in the UK just over a year ago, it was met with a cacophonous response. A number of media outlets called the dating app “elitist”, while others defended its niche offering as being the same as any other.

Founder Lydia Davis told GDI that the initial number of signups far exceeded her expectations, and that “much of the negative press turned out to be good press”.

A launch in the USA is on the cards for Toffee, as Davis has previously stated that the product will gradually expand into markets with large privately educated populations. 

According to recent estimates, the country is home to 26 million privately educated individuals. This equates to roughly 8% of the population, an almost identical proportion to the UK.

Toffee entered Australia, its first international market, in May. Roll outs in India, South Africa and Nigeria are pencilled in for before the end of 2019.

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