Non-monogamy App Ysos Reaches 1.2 Million Users

Ysos, a popular Brazilian app that helps facilitate a ménage à trois, has reached over 1.2 million user registrations. The platform saw a 120% increase in sign ups in 2022, and it explains how the country’s culture is becoming more liberal.

Ysos explains that its goal is to support liberal sex lovers as they search for a third element for a threesome. The platform was launched in 2018 by Sexlog, the largest adult social network in Brazil. 

The platform’s growth reflects cultural changes in Brazil, it explains. Analysis found that new users grew across the entire country, with 32% of users between 25 and 35 years old, 25% of users between 45 and 54 years old, and 19% of users between 35 and 44 years old.

Ysos’ head of marketing, Gustavo Ferreira, shared that its growing userbase means fetishes are becoming more diverse, something that the platform’s discretion can cater for.

“In the private gallery, photos are only displayed to whoever you want to see! In addition to depending on your permission, it is possible to create filters, which make it appear just for those with some kind of affinity already”, he shared.

In addition to this, public and private galleries restrict the uploading of photos taken from the internet or third parties. 

“The ideal is to use personal photos that do not, at first, let you be easily identified. Thus, you maintain discretion and, little by little, reveal yourself to those people you have some connection with. The goal of Ysos is helping you to get to know who is around, who enjoys the same as you and also wants to have fun!” Ferreira highlighted.

Explaining why the platform is seeing success, he added that “Ysos is a simple and discreet app for those who are into casual and liberal sex, all with great safety and in a non-judgmental environment, unlike traditional dating apps. At Ysos, you can find people who want a ménage, even those looking to form a Throuple”.

You can find out more about Ysos on its website here.