ODA Announces Membership of Coalition For App Fairness

The Online Dating Association has announced the membership of the Coalition for App Fairness. The Coalition for App Fairness is an independent non-profit organisation founded by industry-leading companies to advocate for freedom of choice and fair competition across the app ecosystem.

The ODA has said it “is fully supportive of this campaign and will work with CAF to deliver the vision of a ‘level playing field’ for the platforms with a consistent standard of conduct across the app ecosystem”.

Recent policy developments in favour of a competitive market for app developers – such as the in-app payments bill adopted last August in South Korea, proposed Digital Markets Act in Europe and proposed Open App Markets Act in the US – means this is an optimal moment for the ODA to support the Coalition for App Fairness in their advocacy work. The ODA is campaigning to see further legislation and regulation across the world which promotes competitive and fair online marketplaces for all developers.

The coalition is also significant following the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) decision requiring Apple to allow dating apps to use the in-app payment system of their choice. The ODA has said that “this is a particular win for the online dating sector, consumers, and should serve as precedent for other countries when it comes to offering better choices for consumers.”

Dr Hannah Shimko, Comms and Policy Director of the Online Dating Association said: ‘The Online Dating Association is pleased to announce its membership of the Coalition for App Fairness. It is essential for online dating apps to be able to operate in a fair and competitive marketplace. The Online Dating Association represents and advocates for our members and is proud to lend its voice to the call for the freedom of choice for digital customers and a level playing field for digital businesses. We look forward to supporting CAF as we start to see changes coming in the form of legislation and policy across the world.’

Meghan DiMuzio, Executive Director of the Coalition for App Fairness said: “The new partnership with the Online Dating Association, the leading voice in the online dating industry, is an exciting development and broadens the group of stakeholders calling for a free, fair, and competitive digital marketplace worldwide. The recent decision in the Netherlands requiring Apple to allow dating apps to offer alternative in-app payment options demonstrates how regulators across the continent are taking serious action on this important issue. We are committed to working with policymakers across Europe and beyond to provide a competitive digital marketplace.”

Luke Smith

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