OkCupid Adds Photo Comment Feature


Users of OkCupid can now comment on each other’s pictures on the dating platform.

To comment on a photo, when browsing someone’s profile you simply click on the message blurb in the bottom righthand corner and type your message.

The release comes after the feature was tested with a group of members earlier this year.

Explaining the feature, the dating site said: “At OkCupid, we’re constantly working to make the experience better for everyone. So allowing members to comment on photos makes perfect sense.

“We get it — coming up with something to say to someone you haven’t met yet in person can be tough. Photo commenting provides the layup: you see something you like about someone.


“They like it about themselves too, because they posted a photo of it. You comment on that photo. And a conversation about the merits of hats, the safari you went on before safaris were cool, or why organic farming should be an Olympic sport begins.

“There’s some talk back and forth, and then you set up a date to meet in real life so you can discuss it all over avocado toast.”

In February, OkCupid released two new product updates and an “illustration-themed” redesign.

The first update was the addition of a new set of topical questions for 2017, the second its DoubleTake feature, which aims to bring a “deeper level of understanding and personality” to the swiping process.

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