OkCupid and Tinder Create Special Valentine’s Day Playlists

Tinder and OkCupid have individually teamed up with two leading music streaming services to create the optimum Valentine’s Day playlists.

​TuneIn has partnered with OkCupid to launch three exclusive dating-themed music stations, which are now available in North America to help people celebrate the romantic holiday. The three selections are called ‘Pre-Date Jams’, ‘Quarantine Crush’, and ‘Setting The Mood’.

Using insights from OkCupid’s matching questions about music preferences, TuneIn curated a themed station for every stage of the dating process.

Research from the dating platform found that there is a strong connection between music and love. 85% of users who say music has a big influence on their lives end up receiving more likes.

Elsewhere, Tinder is collaborating with Spotify to release its own musical accompaniment for Valentine’s Day.

Spotify saw an increase of 49% of global listeners streaming love-themed podcasts compared to this time last year, showing how clear it is that people are looking for dating and relationship advice through all available technologies.

To celebrate love in the time of lockdowns, Spotify has revamped its ‘Romance Hub’ to create a special selection of songs for the Tinder Valentine’s Day Playlist.

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