OkCupid Looks At The Importance Of Music In Our Romantic Lives

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A new blog post from OkCupid looks at how music can impact relationships, revealing that we often judge people based on their musical preferences and can even use this information to decide whether or not someone is right for us.

Looking at numerous studies, and taking into account 30,000 responses from OkCupid users over the last four years, the dating platform aims to reveal how important music is in our romantic lives.

OkCupid argues that not only is music linked to typically romantic scenarios (such as weddings, road trips and break-ups), but it can also influence who we date and even determine whether or not a couple stays together.

The dating platform spoke to the creators of Sony Music show “The Songs That Saved Your Life“, Chris and Drew Newkirk, who speak about music’s importance in relationships.

Newkirk said: “Music helps us feel understood, which is why we put it in such high regard when we are selecting and deselecting people.

“Your best and worst moments are defined by the music you listened to during the darkest or most triumphant times in your life.”

Looking at OkCupid’s database, music comes out as the top interest on the platform, with 37.7% of those asked listing it as the most important interest they want to share with potential matches.

This is compared to 27.6% who listed movies as the most important, 21.7% saying books and 13% listing sports as their top choice.


However, the importance of a romantic match’s musical preferences could go even deeper, according to Dr. Dylan Faulkner Selterman from the University of Maryland Psychology Department, who said music can act as a way for us to define ourselves.

Dr. Faulkner said: “Music is important for social identities in a way that those other things aren’t…music preferences seem to be a social indicator of one’s values, so it would make sense for shared music taste to be a significant factor in finding a compatible romantic partner.”

However, when asked whether musical preferences could end a relationship, or be the reason one doesn’t begin, Selterman emphasises that the main deal-breaker is its level of importance to each person.

For example, if music is important, or not important, to both people, then the partnership could work out better compared to a relationship where each person holds music at different level of importance.


OkCupid also said age can affect how important music is to individuals.

Dr. David M Greenberg, a music psychologist, said music is often considered to be part of a person’s identity formation and can actually be used to explain who we are, and because of this, music tends to be more influential amongst younger singles.

He said: “Our musical preferences are a window into how we think, behave, and what we care most about. These are all things that can be communicated just by saying what type of music you like.

“So when someone tells us the music they like, we should listen carefully, because within that answer will be information about that individual’s personality, and whether or not we will be compatible with them.

“If you find someone who likes the same style of music as you, then you’ll likely get along with them.”

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