OkCupid Celebrates Pride With #AllyOfLove Digital Campaign

OkCupid has launched a new digital campaign in India to show support of the LGBTQ community during this year’s Pride Month.

The #AllyOfLove campaign calls on millennials to be loud about what they believe in and stand up for equal rights.

It draws insights from user responses to questions on the app, breaking gender stereotypes indicated by the progressive thoughts of today’s generation.

96% users said they care about LGBTQ issues and over 90% also believe that gay marriage should be made legal in the country.

The #AllyOfLove digital film is a take on the popular game ‘Never Have I Ever’. A group of nine diverse individuals are virtually asked questions about their love lives and relationships.

For every question that they agree with they turn their camera and show that the common dating issues affect singles from every background.

OkCupid’s CMO Melissa Hobley said in a statement: “The most beautiful, meaningful, and rewarding connections are formed when people are able to identify and are celebrated as their authentic selves.

“Through the app and the campaign, OkCupid empowers millennials to show who they are and  reminds us that to be an ally of love, one should just be willing to accept and celebrate love in every shade of the rainbow.”

Visit the OkCupid website here.