OkCupid CEO Details International Expansion Plans

OkCupid CEO Ariel Charytan has been explaining more about the dating platform’s plans for future international expansion and its recent impressive growth in India.

Talking in an interview with Thrive Global, Charytan said that he was on a mission to help singles from all around the world. He is particularly excited to “be a part of cultural changes taking place in countries with long histories of arranged marriages”.

Parent company Match Group released its Q3 financial results last week, wherein it announced significant funding will be put into an OkCupid marketing campaign for the Middle East.

This decision was made after an added focus on India saw the local user base grow by approximately 1,400% over the past 12 months.

Charytan told Thrive Global: “With OkCupid, people are finally able to exercise their right to choose their own partner. For example, we recently launched our first overseas campaign in India focused on personal choice and have seen massive success in that market.  

“We are continuing to match people on what matters most to them and specific to their culture. I’m proud to be able to give people that opportunity because it’s something everyone deserves.”

He also said that he expects the future of dating to look a bit like OkCupid when it was first created, with AI improving algorithms and connecting people based on belief and values, rather than just their age and location.

Charytan likes to take on new experiences when changing his career path and said he joined OkCupid because he couldn’t imagine “something more important than helping people find love”.

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