OkCupid Launches ‘Love Is…’ Campaign in India

OkCupid has launched a new campaign, ‘Love Is…’ to celebrate love in the way an Indian millennial looks for.

The campaign is based on insights gained from user responses to over 3,000 questions, which found 88% of young singles are wanting to find love. Almost two-thirds of the think it is possible to fall in love with someone they’ve met online.

It consists of five short videos which consist of couples showing their love for each other in everyday situations. They then flashback to show the first questions on OkCupid that the couple connected over.

These include leaving love notes around the house, working late together, and supporting the same cricket team.

Anukool Kumar, marketing director at OkCupid India, said to AFAQS: “Love is not one size fits all, and that’s exactly what OkCupid India’s campaign ‘Love is…’ celebrates. The very fact that most singles are being told that they have to choose between a career and love or romance and practicality is archaic to us at OkCupid!

“This campaign celebrates love in the way that an Indian millennial craves it, breaking away from the cringey unattainable version that has been fed to us for generations. We, at OkCupid, are committed to helping you find your kind of love as we truly believe you deserve it without ever having to settle for less.”

Watch the campaign here.