OkCupid Launches New DTF Adverts

OkCupid has released the second wave of its opinion-dividing DTF marketing campaign.

The new rollout will feature safer slogans such as ‘DTFinish My Novel’ and ‘DTFetch Mission Burrito’.

However, the dating service will continue to create some more controversial posters, a move that initially made the movement more infamous and talked about on a wider scale.  

‘DTFree Speech’ billboards are being erected in Washington DC as a nod to the city transport system’s rejection of other DTF sayings that targeted President Donald Trump. New York’s Metropolitan Transport Authority has also prohibited the line ‘DTFantasize About 2020’.

In February 2018, the campaign was protected by free speech laws in Portland.

The adverts were the idea of OkCupid’s first ever CMO Melissa Hobley. She took the phrase DTF, which was originally a derogatory way for men to talk about women, and turned it into inclusive, colourful visuals.

She told CampaignUS: “We have a very unique opportunity to shape culture and we will make OkCupid the most culturally relevant brand in our category. We are able to do this so powerfully because we ask questions we know what’s on your radar.”

Last week, OkCupid hosted an event in Washington DC called ‘DTFund Date Night for Government Employees’, where it funded two free drinks for any employee who was affected by the government shutdown.

It also supported an Instagram campaign which encouraged young Americans to vote by going on a date to the election polls.

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Dominic Whitlock

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