OkCupid Launches Valentines Day Card Range

OkCupid has launched its own range of Valentines Day cards, painting a picture of love, romance, and partnership beyond traditional cards. 

OkCupid said: “In a world where love is often portrayed through a white, heteronormative lens, this range of cards celebrates ALL the types of love, connections, and identities that are habitually overlooked…a cornerstone of OkCupid’s app.”

The cards are designed by BIPOC, Queer, non-binary, and LGBTQ artists, and concentrate on of-the-moment trending themes, like mental health, politics, pro-choice, and climate change.

The cards are available for free on a custom microsite and through OkCupid’s app. In the past year alone, OkCupid have seen a 10% increase in users identifying as pansexual, a 250% increase in users identifying as bisexual, 29% increase in users identifying as non-binary.

OkCupid said: “As we continue to see the rise in sexual exploration, the importance of representation is underscored, and OkCupid is finding ways to do so both in-app and beyond.”