OkCupid Launches ‘Voter 2020’ Badge Ahead of US Election

OkCupid has launched the ‘Voter 2020’ badge for users to add to their profiles to show that they’ve registered to vote.

The badge corresponds to the US 2020 Presidential Election and was introduced after research showed that people wanted to connect with people who are politically active.

In a statistical analysis, OkCupid found that users are 85% more likely to receive a message if they are a voter and make the badge visible on their account.

From the same research, 500,000 participants said that they would not date somebody who didn’t vote, as voters are 65% more likely to find a successful match. 

OkCupid has also added a new matching question, asking is singles are registered to vote in the election. The badge will automatically be added if they answer yes, but if they answer no they will be directed to a site where they can register to vote. 

Former Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg said that OkCupid is better suited to passionate Democratic supporters. The platform used to have filter that allowed members to filter out people who voted for Donald Trump.

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