OkCupid Presents Month-by-Month Dating Breakdown for India

OkCupid, one of the biggest brands under Match Group’s umbrella, has published a range of insights relating to user activity in India ahead of the turn of the decade.

January was dubbed the ‘Month of Resolutions’ by the dating app, while February was the ‘Month of Love’. During the latter, 65% of men said they would be happy to plan a first date on Valentine’s Day.

In March, ‘Month of the Sheroes’, 85% of women and 81% of men on the platform expressed their support for the #MeToo movement.

This was followed by April, the ‘Month Politics Became Personal’, and May, the ‘Month of the GoT Finale’. In June, India’s Supreme Court scrapped Article 377 against homosexual sex, leading OkCupid to dub it the ‘Month of Pride’.

July, the ‘Monsoon Month’, and August, the ‘Month to #FindMyKind’, came next. The dating company’s hashtag encouraged users to decide who they wanted to date, rather than having this decided for them by friends or family.

7,000 users mentioned ‘Space’ in their profiles over the course of September, the ‘Month When India Almost Went to the Moon’. During the ‘Festive Month’ of October, 51% of men and 44% of women said that puja (worship in Hinduism) and parties were equally important. 

November was the ‘Month of Celebrating Men’, and featured an OkCupid promotion declaring ‘#NiceIsNormal’. December, meanwhile, has been named the ‘Merriest Month of the Year’ by the brand.

Last month, CMO Melissa Hobley advertised for singles to join a televised dating show. The production will run in collaboration with a national US morning program in early 2020.

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