OkCupid Reveals Strangest Product Update Requests It Has Received From Users


In a recent OkCupid blog post, the company detailed some of the strangest feature requests its support team has ever received, and why the team didn’t implement them.

The post, written by LM from Customer Support, also reveals some of the user requests that did make it onto the platform.

Those that didn’t get added include the ability to filter by hair or eye colour, which OkCupid explained its aversion to by saying: “Adding too many filters may exclude the potential love of your life (or next great date).”

Someone also requested that singles on the platform who don’t respond to messages should “pay a fee” or be taken to an “OkCupid court” – essentially punishing them for not responding.

Another wanted OkCupid to introduce a “Yelp-style” review of members, ban all OkCupid members with “taco” in their username, and include the ability to delete drunken messages from someone’s inbox.

Requests that did make it onto the OkCupid product from user feedback include the possibility to see who you have messaged already without opening your inbox, commenting directly on profiles and regular updates to the OkCupid questionnaire.

Read the blog post here.

Simon Edmunds

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