OkCupid Users Care About Political Views More Than Sex

Internal data from dating service OkCupid has discovered that users care more about their partners’ political views than how good they are in bed.

The research discovered that a massive 70% of users would prefer their partners to share their political views with them.

recent Pew study also shows that the partisan gap on political values have never been wider – 44% of Democrats and left-leaners have a “very unfavorable” opinion of the right, and 45% of Republicans and right-leaners have a “very unfavourable” opinion of the left.

From 2015 to 2017, the proportion of OkCupid users who mentioned political words within their profiles increased by more than 1000%.

Similarly, from 2016 to 2017, the use of the word “feminist” increased by 26% and “women’s rights” increased by 73%.

On other dating sites, such as Tinder and Bumble, users have put the following on their profiles:“Swipe left if you voted for Trump”, “If you voted for Trump, we shall not hump” and “If you voted for Trump, swipe yourself off a cliff.”

OkCupid is joining in by introducing a “Trump filter” to the platform. It partnered with Planned Parenthood to launch the new ads, which wink between its users.

Some elements of OkCupid’s new DTF advertising campaign also express a political position – the site’s users might be “DTFilter Out the Far Right” or “DTFight About the President.”

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