OkCupid: Women’s Dating Priorities

In honour of the 50th anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, dating platform OkCupid shares research on the values women prioritise in their dating life. 

In a new blog post, OkCupid shares that 87% of women on OkCupid are pro-choice, with almost half of women saying that disagreeing over abortion rights would make them reconsider dating someone.

Additionally, it found that 72% of female users would not move to a state where abortion was illegal, with 4 in 10 women sharing that they would move states if abortion became illegal where they are living.

The platform caters to users who feel strongly on this issue, giving them the option to display a “I’m Pro Choice” badge on their profile, with over one million users choosing to do so already.

Some other findings from OkCupid’s research include that almost 2 million women see intelligence as sexier than looks. Building on this, over 8 million shared that intellectual conversations are something they enjoy.

Looking at the current state of dating, 79% of women said finding their forever partner is more appealing than dating at the moment. This ties into a later finding, that over half of women see relationships and then marriage in their 5 year plan.

Image courtesy of OkCupid’s blog.

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