Once Creates ‘Love Experiment’, A New Matching Algorithm Created By All-Female Team

Slow dating app Once has created a new emotional profiling test and accompanying matching algorithm, with the help of leading female psychologists and dating experts.

The ‘Love Experiment’ is a series of 28 contemporary questions that are designed to identify a person’s emotional figure and helps them find a partner who has a complimentary temperament and outlook on life.

A total of 16 personality archetypes are available, ranging from Activist, Explorer and Guardian, to Rock Star, Magician and Superhero.

Once worked with an entirely female team to come up with a new take on the matching process, after claiming all algorithms from the past 20 years were designed by men. The experts involved in the process were psychoanalyst Fabienne Kramer, psychologist Dannielle Haig, and dating expert and founder Charly Lester.

Clémentine Lalande, CEO of Once Dating Group, explained in a statement: “Dating is a market designed by men for men and is governed in a non-transparent way. I’m tired of working in a market that reproduces & amplifies patriarchal stereotypes. So I am trying to reinvent the rules of online dating.

“It’s time to change the status quo, and so I enlisted a team of female relationship experts to help me change the dating space once and for all, with our Love Experiment.”

The questions involved are specifically designed to be fun but also revealing. 1,000 established couples took the test and their results were used to map the most compatible personalities on the spectrum.

Singles can now access the Love Experiment in-app and find potential matches based on their perceived compatibility. The options include a “chemical bond” which is a slight difference to maintain individuality, “magnetic attraction” for the exact same test results, and an “explosive reaction” with someone who is the exact opposite.

Visit the Once website here.