Online Campaign Encourages Millennials to Go on Voting Dates

A new Instagram page has been created to encourage young Americans to vote in the midterm elections.

Your Voting Date believes that voting isn’t a solo experience and people should use it as an opportunity to spend time with a partner or meet someone new.

In the 2016 US elections, only 51% of millennials turned out to vote. Your Voting Date is hoping to drastically improve this figure for the midterms on November 6th.

Co-creator Ezequiel Consoli told Adweek: “We’re glad to see so many people passionate about voting and we think there are so many great campaigns out there.

“However, we feel some can be a bit aggressive and put a lot of pressure on young voters, which can be intimidating. So, we wanted to create a campaign that makes voting fun.”

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OkCupid is sponsoring a social event called DTFind Your Voting Date in New York City on November 1st, which plays off of the dating website’s controversial DTF advertising campaign.

Kyle Harrison, Your Voting Date’s other co-creator, explained the event to Adweek: “It’s not so much speed dating, more so just a fun mixer to find like-minded people passionate about making a difference.

“If people find a voting date for Nov 6, that’s great! If not, hopefully they’ll at least be encouraged to vote themselves.”

TV personality Chelsea Handler tweeted that the most romantic thing a dating app user could do is to invite someone on a voting date next week. The post has been retweeted over 15,000 times and received positive feedback from Tinder and Bumble.

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