Online Dating Etiquette TikTok Goes Viral

A controversial TikTok video shows a Hinge user sharing their experience with arranging an offline date. The video, which raises issues of online dating etiquette, was viewed over 300,000 times.

In a series of viral tweets and a TikTok video, a Hinge user called Clarke shared her experience with arranging a date. It all started with her profile prompt, which encouraged potential matches to simply reply with a time and date to meet for a date.

In response, a male user suggested a time and place. However, it was revealed that this location was very near to his home, while it would have been an hour-long journey for Clarke to meet him there.

Clarke replied that this didn’t show much consideration for her, and shared this conversation online. Many commenters agreed and disagreed with Clarke’s analysis of her match.

Defenders of Clarke stated that if didn’t take her into consideration now, he wouldn’t make a good partner down the line. Others believed Clarke to be close-minded, and reading too much into the other user’s suggestion.

Ultimately this saga highlights that different people have different expectations of online dating etiquette. It also emphasises the importance of the talking stage before a date, and some potential ‘red flags’ that singles should keep in mind. 

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