Online Speed Dating Event for Irish Opera Festival

Fans of the opera will have more opportunities to connect and find love now that online speed dating platform Filteroff is getting involved. The dating site is organising a speed dating session around the upcoming Wexford Opera Festival in Ireland.

Filteroff’s events can be based around particular communities or demographics, whether it be fans of a particular style of music, avid fitness enthusiasts, or business-minded singles. The upcoming opera-focused event will be the company’s first in Ireland.

“Our events normally have over 100 attendees. It’s an easy way for singles to meet like-minded people, and if they’re going to Wexford for the festival they can then meet up in person if they want to which is great. It’s an efficient way to bring an online experience to an offline experience”, Zach Schleien, founder of Filteroff told

The speed dating session will involve individuals getting five minute speed dates via video call. After they’re over, singles can state which of their dates they’d like to continue speaking with, leading to matches and further conversation.

“Singles want to date often times based off of interests and what they enjoy. When they’re dating they can explore those activities together, so this is a perfect event”, Schleien explained. 

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