Only 50% Of People Are Aware Of Mobile Ad-Blocking, Usage Expected To Rise As Knowledge Spreads

Although a third of internet users block ads on desktop, only 50% are actually aware of mobile ad-blocking technology.

This is according to a new report by GlobalWebIndex called The State of Mobile Ad-Blocking in 2017, which was created in collaboration with EYEO.

In terms of demographic, those between the age of 25-34 are most likely to use ad-blocking software, with a 26% share, compared to 17% for 16 to 24-year-olds.

With regards to gender, male internet users account for 58% of those who block ads online.

The report reveals that frustration with intrusive adverts is generally the primary driver for the use of ad-blocking software in the US, with 49% agreeing with the statement: “Too many ads are annoying or irrelevant”.

In addition to this, those who have used an ad-blocker in the past month have a “remarkably stronger inclination to resist ads” elsewhere, with a third of recent ad-blockers saying they try to avoid ads wherever possible, whether on TV or online.

But despite this frustration with adverts among many browsing the internet on desktop, only 50% of internet device owners in the US are actually aware that they can block ads on mobile.

Following on from this, only 22% of US ad-blockers, and just 15% of all internet users, are currently blocking ads on their smartphones.

Explaining this, GlobalWebIndex said: “This is not down to a lack of motivation to block ads as there is plenty of evidence to suggest that users are growing more frustrated with the state of online advertising today. Rather, this comes back to the low levels of awareness of mobile ad-blocking across the U.S.

“This again presents a key opportunity for mobile ad-blocking software to gather more momentum as consumers learn more about what’s possible, while putting more pressure on publishers to change the face of online advertising for the better.”

All in all, GlobalWebIndex says that there is “plenty of evidence” to expect an increase in the use of mobile ad-blockers as knowledge spreads, especially as there is already frustration around ads on mobile – a third of smartphone owners saying they see too many ads when browsing the mobile internet.

Check out the full report here.