Oxford University Dating Site Shut Down

A dating website set up at Oxford University has been shut down after controversial breaches of data privacy and consent. The platform, named Oxshag, took personal details from the University’s website including full names, without asking permission. 

Taking the full names and colleges of everyone who holds an Oxford University email address was in direct contravention of the website’s terms and conditions. Oxshag consequently shifted to an ‘opt-in’ model, eventually announcing it would cease operating.

An article from Oxford Mail explains that the site allowed for people to match with other members of the university. Oxshag users could then pay £1 to reveal the matches, available on Valentine’s Day.

‘The Oxshagger’, who created the platform, released a statement as the platform was shut down saying:

“Whether or not you choose to believe me, I started this genuinely with the best of intentions.”

“I thought that it would spice up the Oxford casual sex scene, which is underwhelming for a lot of people.”

“As a concept, Oxshag isn’t dissimilar from something like Tinder, just a more effective way of matching compatible people together, leading to a more enjoyable experience for everyone.”

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