Pairs Launches Pre-Paid Membership Card

Pairs has launched a membership card, allowing members to make purchases in-store, available for purchase at convenience and discount stores. The POSA (Point of Sales Activation) card, which is a prepaid card, is a technology that allows the target card to be used only when payment is completed at the store, and cards such as games have been sold so far.

The market size and users of the romance and marriage matching app is expanding rapidly, and 19% of those who got married within the past year have met through the matching app, and 7% through Pairs.

Pairs will sell the prepaid cards, the first matching app in Japan, at convenience stores and discount stores to diversify payment methods and make it easier for more people to use the platform.

Pairs prepaid cards will be sold at convenience stores at all Ministop stores and discount stores Don Quijote at all 400 stores. Card types are available for 4,000 yen (1 month), 10,000 yen (6 months), and 15,000 yen (12 months), which can be used for paid membership fees for men. In addition to using it yourself, the card can also be used as a gift.

Pairs are also offering users the opportunity to earn a further 1,800 yen worth of Pairs points if the six month card is purchased between November 22nd and January 31st.

Luke Smith

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