Pairs Launches Survey Investigating Dating In Japan Post COVID

Pairs has conducted a survey on dating costs for 50,000 people nationwide. The survey found that the expected economic effect of up to 455 billion yen per month for revenge consumption of dating resumption-Number of dates and expenses in Corona GW alone will lose 91 billion yen due to the decrease in matches and dating in Japan.

Pairs declared a “resumption to dating” without permission to revitalise romance and dating “Would you like to resume dating soon” campaign held
A date fee will be given to over 10,000 people! “Otoshidama” and “Otoshidama” will be distributed in Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Twitter!

The Pairs survey found:

  • Combined with the desire to consume revenge, the “dating economic effect” that can be expected from resuming dating is up to 455 billion yen per month.
  • Economic effect of 176.7 billion yen per month and 91 billion yen for GW alone will be lost due to the decrease in the number of dates and expenses in Corona.
  • 59% of people are refraining from romance / dating due to corona factors. More than 60% of women are of all ages and unmarried.

Mr. Takanori Sakaguchi, who supervised the survey, commented on this result, “We can expect a considerable effect on economic stimulus. If dating is activated all over Japan and 455 billion yen is generated, it has the potential to save 80% of the bankruptcy of the restaurant business.
As people go on dates in search of new encounters, we should be able to expect various derivative spending such as gifts and clothing.”

As a result of the decrease in encounters and dates after the Corona disaster, the amount of love affairs is decreasing throughout Japan.
The Pairs survey also shows that the number of “people who are actively looking for a dating partner” has been declining since the Corona disaster.

Luke Smith

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