Pairs Releases Advertising Campaign At Shinjuku Station

Eureka Co launched an additional campaign for “# Midsummer Date Jumbo” to support the last rise in the summer of love and marriage activities from August 29th to September 4th at Shinjuku Station. It was deployed at Metro Twin Premium.

Pairs said: “The highlight of this advertisement was a gimmick that reveals the love values ​​of men and women by reading the copy from the left, “woman’s heart” if read from the right, and “man’s heart” if read from the right. . When read from the left, it represents the feeling of love that gradually falls in love, and from the inside, while when read from the right, it represents the feeling of love in which you fall in love “suddenly” and “from the outside.

“There are many differences in the generally said “men and women’s feelings of love” hidden in the copy sentences, so those who enjoyed a summer date and those who haven’t yet can say “I understand!” It is an advertisement that each reader “feels” differently, such as empathising, discovering “Is that so?”, and arguing “What do you think about this?”

Luke Smith

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