Pairs Reveals Survey Results Looking at Impact of COVID-19 on Love and Relationships

Eureka, the Japanese provider of Match Group products Pairs and Pairs Engage, has released the results of its recent survey that looked at the effects of COVID-19 on love and marriage.

The results show that roughly 30% of respondents, aged between 20 and 39 years old, said their desire to be in a relationship has increased, with 20% of all respondents feeling that their view on relationships has changed since Covid-19. 

It also found that more than 60% who are not actively looking for a partner said that they suspended such activities, due to the pandemic.

A quarter of people said that there were changes in the ways they seek a partner, including some who showed high expectations for online dating apps.

Despite the increased desire to be in a relationship, only half of respondents said that they’d find it harder to commit to marriage. In fact, the term ‘Corona divorce’ has even become commonplace since the pandemic, with many married respondents saying that they feel it is difficult to spend time with their partners. 

A rise in divorces during a pandemic, whether it be localised to one area or a global spread, is not uncommon. During the SARS pandemic in 2002-03, a Hong Kong study found that divorces in the city were 21% higher than normal levels.

It should be expected that this will be a common theme globally as partners are forced to spend more time together than previous.

View the full results of the survey here.