Paktor Launches 15-Second Voice Bios

Singapore-based dating platform Paktor has introduced 15-second voice recordings to its user profiles.

The feature, titled ‘Spoken’, is designed to help singles communicate their personalities more effectively.

Around 80% of new Android users and 60% of new iOS users have recorded an audio clip for the app, and the average user now listens to seven such clips per session.  

A Paktor spokesperson told Vulcan Post: “The inflexions and intentions in voices help individuals communicate better, and make the person on the other side of the phone seem more ‘human’.”

The app has also added a number of other profile features, including new Job Industry, Blood Type, Body Type and Social Habits categories.

Many of these changes are informed by cultural nuances from around APAC. CTO Luko Gjenero explains: “We are aware that Koreans care a lot about blood types and Taiwanese are concerned with horoscopes. 

“Singaporeans and Hong Kongers are always curious about which industry the other party works in and whether they drink or smoke socially.”

At GDI Singapore 2019, Paktor Product Designer Low Lay Hiang explained some of the thought that goes into the business’ localisation efforts. 

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Scott Harvey

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