Partner’s Political Views “Very Important” to OkCupid Users


A new survey from OkCupid has shown that the majority of millennials care strongly about a potential partners political activity.

Over 300,000 OkCupid users participated in the study, aged between 20 and 38, and 85% of them said voting was very important when it came to choosing someone to date.

This isn’t the first time OkCupid has looked at its users’ political opinions. Data collected from a similar study in January 2018 suggested that they cared more about political views than sex.

OkCupid’s CMO Melissa Hobley thinks that this information can help to disprove the common misconception that young people aren’t interested in politics.

She said to USA Today: “Millennials get a bad rap for people saying they’re lazy, they don’t care, they don’t work hard. We think it’s really beautiful that what we’re seeing is millennials care so passionately about topics that they’re using it to play a role in their dating experience and they’re using it to help find people.”

However, it seems as though political views are more important to women than men, as 73% of women want a partner who voted for the same party as them, compared to 56% of men.

Furthermore, 46% of women wouldn’t date a non-voter, whereas only 23% of men share the same sentiment.

Politics has been working its way into online dating in the past few years.

OkCupid introduced a ‘Trump Filter’ so users could disclose their opinions on the President, and Hinge recently added a new section to its interface so users could attach their political preferences to their profile.

A new app called Donald Daters was recently created because Republicans tend to face abuse on other dating platforms. However, the entire user base was hacked on its launch day.

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