Peanut Launches in Australia

Peanut has been released in Australia, due to popular demand.

The app, often dubbed “Tinder for Mums”, has already garnered 300,000 users in the UK, USA and Canada, and is now ready to reach a brand new audience with this latest development.

Former Board Advisor and Director of Bumble Michelle Kennedy co-founded Peanut when she began to feel isolated following the birth of her first child.

Speaking about her baby, she told the Sunday Telegraph: “This little person arrived and life completely changed.”

She wanted a way to connect with other women who were going through the same exciting, terrifying and sometimes boring experience that she was.

Peanut matches like-minded women with children under the age of 16, in a similar way to Tinder. It gives them an opportunity to make new friends, share experiences and get advice from others who are on a similar journey.

Kennedy recently weighed in on the data privacy concerns of users following the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal. Speaking to 11Alive, she said: “We take user privacy and safety extremely seriously at Peanut. For that reason, we do not share personal data.

“We provide for certain exclusions to this in our policy when thinking about safety, or third party providers for the purpose of storage, for example, but we use all relevant encryption and security measures to prevent sharing of personal data.” 

In March, the app launched a new forum feature called ‘Pages‘. Topics of discussion include pregnancy, motherhood, sex, food, work and others.

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